Infrastructure, a safe haven in times of uncertainty

17 Oct 2022

Environment: Let’s give the floor to our clients

03 Oct 2022

Provence Grand Large: France’s first floating wind pilot-project

20 Sep 2022

Private Debt: the keys to investing in a growing and evolving market

08 Jul 2022

Extending ISO standard 20022 to international payment messages

14 Jun 2022

Saint Nazaire: has France entered the era of offshore wind power?

13 May 2022

Natixis CIB Expert Briefs: Distributed Generation and Chile’s Energy Transition with Ben Koehler

20 Apr 2022

3 Questions about ‘impact’ – with Jean Chedeville, Natixis CIB’s Global Head of Aviation Finance

28 Mar 2022

Natixis CIB named “MLA of the Year – North America” at the 2021 IJGlobal Awards

23 Mar 2022

Real estate: social and environmental mega trends reshuffle the deck

10 Mar 2022

2022, a year of breakthroughs for the floating offshore industry

24 Jan 2022
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