Natixis CIB Pre-Hedging Disclosure

General objective

In the course of its business, Natixis CIB Global Markets follows a Pre-Hedging Guidelines document.

This Pre-Hedging Guidelines document sets out to clarify acceptable practices worldwide based on regulatory communications and industry standards. Unless clients instruct explicitly Natixis CIB Global Markets not to enter into any pre-hedging transactions by requesting such at the time of enquiry or placement of an order, Natixis CIB Global Markets may enter into pre-hedging transactions.

Principles on Pre-Hedging

Pre-Hedging occurs when Natixis decides to trade in advance on its own account to manage/hedge a potential risk exposure arising from a future (yet to happen) client order. Natixis CIB Global Markets will determine alone the timing, nature and size of pre-hedging that it deems appropriate, if any.

The objective of pre-hedging is always to offer the best possible service to clients, by reducing market impact or increasing available liquidity. Natixis CIB Global Markets will always act in the client’s best interests.


The Pre-Hedging Guidelines document applies to all Natixis CIB Global Markets business lines worldwide when dealing with clients and counterparties regardless of their categorisation (Eligible Counterparty or Professional or Retail).

The Pre-Hedging Guidelines document applies to all types of Pre-hedging related to primary and secondary market transactions in all asset classes.

Commercial policy for Systematic Internaliser status

Information about Costs & Charges

Pursuant to Article 24.4 of the Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II) and to Article 50 of the Delegated Regulation 2017/565, Natixis (hereinafter collectively referred to as “we” or “our”) is required to inform its clients (hereinafter “you”) of the costs and charges of both the services we offer and the products traded with us when we deal as principal. 

For the purposes of compliance with the said MiFID II requirements, the document below provides you with information about the costs and charges associated with our products and services. Please note that this information is provided for regulatory purposes only and is not either a recommendation to buy or sell a specific product, an offer to buy or sell a specific product or a marketing material. 

Information about investment recommendations

In compliance with Market Abuse Regulation that came into force on 3 July 2016, please find relevant information regarding investment recommendations.

This document is published outside Financial Research Department. However, as staff member of Natixis, the producer of the document may be considered as author of an investment recommendation.

Policy for managing conflicts of interest

Information about potential conflicts of interest within Natixis/Groupe BCPE: