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  • Corporate name: NATIXIS – Joint-stock company established under French law, with a share capital of EUR 5.894.485.553,60  registered in Paris under no. B 542 044 524
  • Registered office: 7, promenade Germaine Sablon  Paris 75013 Paris 
  • Tel:  +33 1 58 32 30 00 
  • Registration at the Trade and Companies Registry of Paris under n°542 044 524 
  • Intra-Community Code - VAT registration number: FR73542044524
  • Natixis is a credit institution authorized in France by ACPR - Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Resolution - 61, rue Taitbout 75436 Paris cedex 09

Within the framework of its banking and financial activities, Natixis is subject to the French Monetary and Financial Code. 

A member of FBF - Fédération Bancaire Française, a professional organization representing all banks operating in France

At April 30, 2021, Natixis was 100% owned by BPCE.

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  • Head of publications: Stéphanie Paix
  • Chief editor: Maxime Pech de Pluvinel
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8. Applicants’ selection

NATIXIS does not offer any guarantee that applicants who respond to a job offer posted on the NATIXIS website will be selected for the position, even if they have the required qualifications and experience. Applicants who are considered for a position will be contacted by NATIXIS in order to arrange an interview with the persons responsible for recruitment. Applicants will not be recruited until they have successfully gone through all stages of the recruitment process laid down in NATIXIS' internal procedures.

The Site is updated at regular interval, but it is not possible to guarantee that each and every one of the positions posted on the Site has not been filled. The submission of a job application and any subsequent exchange of letters or e-mails do not constitute and should not be construed as constituting the establishment of a contractual relationship between the applicant and NATIXIS, unless otherwise specified. The terms and conditions of employment of any applicant who accepts a position offered by NATIXIS will be set out in a contract of employment governed by the laws of the country in which the employer entity is located. NATIXIS will have no responsibility whatsoever in the event that any position is no longer available, or an applicant is not selected.

Replies to speculative applications and to job offers will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the applicant, where applicable. If no e-mail address is supplied, the reply will be sent to the applicant's postal address. The supply of an e-mail address to receive a reply to a job application is the sole responsibility of the applicant concerned. NATIXIS shall accept no responsibility for any breaches of confidentiality of the e-mail address – especially an applicant's e-mail address at his or her place of work – allowing other parties to read the reply.