IP Week - Our experts' view

Our experts in Energy & Natural Resources, including our commodities hedging solutions teams, attend the International Petroleum (IP) Week in London from February 26 to 28.

IP Week is widely recognized as one of the major annual international oil and gas events, where decision makers gather to debate, learn and help shape the future direction of the industry. It attracts around 1 500 key sector players every year.

The 2019 edition focuses on the main themes shaping the current global oil and gas markets and investment: geopolitics, sustainability and technology.

Our experts' analysis of trends and opportunities
in the oil & gas sector

Tightened supply should allow Brent to trade into the $70/bbl  |  Joel Hancock, Oil Analyst, Natixis

Upstream and downstream trends and opportunities  |  Olivier Menard, Industry Banker, Energy & Natural Resources, Natixis

IMO 2020: What is it and what are the implications for the oil market?  |  Bernard Dahdah, Senior commodities analyst, Natixis

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