Fast digital transformation in Asia

Natixis’ Bertrand Guiot, Head of Infrastructure, Asia Pacific, spoke at the Edge Congress Asia 2019, in Singapore on April 11th, 2019. The event, which gathered leaders and experts from across the IT/cloud industry, focused on the ongoing digital transformation we are currently seeing, which is being driven by local cloud, decentralized processing power, mobile computing and the Internet of Things (IOT).


Speaking on the panel, “Infrastructure Investment - Appetite, Capital, M&A and Risk”, Bertrand and his fellow panelists discussed how investors and financiers view growth in the sector, how debt and equity options are changing, where key investments are heading, how deal structures are changing, and the development of new edge and 5G infrastructures, in light of the seemingly insatiable demand for data center and other mission critical IT and communications infrastructure across the region.


They concluded that Asia Pacific is still behind other mature markets like Europe and the USA but is catching up very fast and that the growing connected population of Asia is one of the key driver for new data infrastructure to be financed. The region has seen the emergence of few Hyperscale Data Centers developers that are transforming the cloud providers capabilities to grow in certain countries. Australia, India , China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore present short term growth opportunities for developing greenfield assets.


Natixis was recognized as a leader in the sector for recent APAC and global achievements, and was noted as being at the forefront of innovation by clients present at the event.

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