3 Questions about ‘impact’ – with Jean Chedeville, Natixis CIB’s Global Head of Aviation Finance

Natixis CIB is one of the 26 founding members of impact, a growing, independent association of leading institutions from the aviation finance ecosystem, combining their expertise to promote sustainable aircraft financing. Jean Chedeville, Global Head of Aviation Finance, tells us about this initiative and how it fits into Natixis CIB’s commitment to align its balance sheet with a 1.5C trajectory by 2050.

Hi Jean, what is impact?

Impact* is a new global platform for aviation finance specialists which aims at tackling the ESG challenges of the aviation finance industry. It is a non-profit organization that has been established by leading institutions from the aviation finance ecosystem, and is dedicated to achieving Net Zero CO2 emissions in the industry by 2050.
Natixis CIB is one of the founding members of impact and I am delighted to be a board member of the organization.

What ambitions does impact have?

impact has a mission to promote new, sustainable aircraft financing measures, with the intention of driving fundamental positive change across the global aviation finance community. To do this, impact has established five collaborative working groups designed to deliver a credible and transparent roadmap to reduce CO2 emissions in aviation. This roadmap will help airlines and aircraft lessors reach their Net Zero objectives by 2050.
With this mandate in mind, impact will focus on, (1) establishing standards to be applied in transition finance, (2) tracking the progress of decarbonization through metrics, (3) maintaining comprehensive reporting of the industry’s decarbonization progress, (4) building strong networks with aviation industry stakeholders, and (5) knowledge management to ensure that important studies and data are available to all of its members.

Why is it important for Natixis CIB to be part of impact?

As a longstanding, leading player in the aviation sector, with world class green & sustainable expertise, and now as a member of impact, Natixis CIB is in a position to play also a leading role in the transition of the aviation finance industry. It is wonderful to be able to announce impact and to have established it with dedicated and likeminded individuals and organizations willing to drive credible changes.

*initiative to measure and promote aviation’s carbon-free transition e. V. 

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