Wind in the sails for long-standing bond issues

55% of long bond issues have been led by Natixis since 2020

Since the start of the year, Natixis has managed more than one in two deals with maturities greater than or equal to 15 years and has raised more than ¾ of volumes on these maturities.
Despite the continuing climate of very low interest rates, investors can turn to very long maturities on low-risk investments, or shorter maturities on riskier investments, in their quest for yield.

The significant attractiveness for investors of long maturities has thus materialized on the covered bond market, as notably demonstrated by the issues of Cariparma (25 years), Cafil (20 years), CRH (15 years), ABN Amro (15 years) and Groupe BPCE (15 years).

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