Oil companies are kicking off the transition

Experts' view

by our experts from the Green & Sustainable Hub and in the Oil & Gas sector

A real transition is getting under way right across the oil industry. The 2020 edition of IP Week last week virtually entirely devoted to the issue, including talks such as “how can we raise access to energy while still lowering our emissions”, “defining industry’s role and delivering low carbon energy”, “four energy transition scenarios”, “lithium ion battery supply chain and the electric vehicle revolution”, “the shifts of energy and its impact on geopolitics”, “strategies for delivering a low-carbon future”, etc. 

Read our experts' view, by Cédric Merle, the expert in Natixis’ Green & Sustainable Hub who coordinates the bank’s work on the transition of highly emitting industries, Ivan Pavlovic, energy and environment specialist at Global Markets Research and Natixis’ Green & Sustainable Hub, Brice Le Foyer, industry banker who covers Oil & Gas majors at Natixis, and Olivier Menard, industry banker in charge of large trading companies at Natixis.

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