Real estate: social and environmental mega trends reshuffle the deck

Real estate is the biggest polluter in Europe, responsible for 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. The pandemic has accelerated awareness of the environmental emergency in the sector. In the same way as the necessary adaptations to the other profound societal transformations, such as the generalization of remote working, the development of e-commerce, the aspiration towards well-being and respect for biodiversity...

These underlying trends have been brought into focus by the current international context, with pressure being put on the energy and raw materials supply chains. More than ever, real estate must become drastically resilient, constructions must use more recycled materials and strive for a positive energy impact.

How is the financial sector encouraging the integration of environmental and social aspects - the famous ESG criteria - into the real estate sector? Do market prices correctly reflect major developments in the sector? For instance, are the soaring prices in the logistics segment, due to a spike in e-commerce, sustainable? Which asset classes are doing best? For example, are we experiencing an urban exodus and should we fear a loss of attractivity in the office segment? How are investors adapting to the judicialization of environmental issues?

In this podcast, three experts from Groupe BPCE break down these issues and how they impact investment decisions and financing criteria. With Irène Fossé, Director of Research & Strategy at AEW, Serge Demirdjian, Executive Director in the Real Estate & Hospitality industry group at Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking and Thierry Laquitaine, Director of ISR at AEW.

Listen to the podcast: Real estate: social and environmental mega trends reshuffle the deck

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