Natixis, one of the first European banks to join the EBA250!

Energy transition is driving the development of renewable energies in the electrification of wide range of sectors. This is translating into strong momentum for battery solutions, particularly in transportation and the balancing of power systems.

The European Commission is now pushing ahead to establish a domestic, clean and competitive Battery supply chain. The annual market value is estimated at €250 billion from 2025 onwards.

In order to address the industrial challenges on such a scale, the European Commission launched the European battery alliance - EBA250.

The EBA250 value chain approach may not be the norm in mature industries, but for a rapidly developing new industry this approach is essential: 

source EBA250

Today, EBA250 is a project-driven community which brings together close to 600 industrial and innovation actors, from mining to recycling.

Natixis is considering expanding its Power & Raw Materials expertise both upstream (for power) and downstream (raw materials) and the huge market developments forecast in that area are creating project development and strategic dialogue across the value chain (from miners to automakers, including chemists and battery makers).
Natixis is proud to be one of the first European banks to join the EBA250 and is aligned with this ambition. Having been instrumental in the infrastructure financing across the world, we are pursuing enthusiastically our commitment towards a lower carbon footprint and as such we are joining the EBA 250.

"The battery supply chain is critical for the management of low-carbon power grids and the general electrification of our economy. Joining the EBA250 is marking again our commitment to the energy transition in a responsible manner" says Frank Pluta, Global Head of Energy & Natural Resources Industry Group at Natixis 

François Boyer - Industry Banker - Metals & Mining

Julien Laurent - Real Assets & Energy Transition - Advisory Solutions

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