Natixis is recognized by ISF Awards 2019

Natixis has been recognized as one of the world’s best securities borrowers by its peers during the 2019 Global Investor/ISF Awards ceremony.


Within the ranking, Natixis was selected as the top borrower both globally (weighted by importance) and EMEA (unweighted) in Group 2*, the Global Securities Financing (GSF) team was also awarded the sought-after prize of Most innovative Group 2 borrower.


  • Group 2 borrower Global group winner (US, EMEA, ASIA), weighted by importance

This is the first time that the GSF team has won this award.


  • Most innovative Group 2 borrower

For the second year in a row.


These awards reflect the important position that GSF holds within the Securities Financing market.


*Global Market Lenders and Borrowers are split into 2 groups based on the volume traded.


Bandeau avec les deux awards

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