Natixis committed to promoting Women in Finance

Our CIB London Branch has signed up the Women in Finance Charter, a commitment by HM Treasury. Diversity is an integral part of Natixis' identidy and business culture.

Our diversity and inclusion approach

At Natixis, we firmly believe that a balanced and diverse workforce is good for business, helping create a fairer and more inclusive environment which can boost creativity and productivity. Diversity in all its forms leads to diversity of thought and ideas, which in turn delivers better innovation and better solutions and outcomes for our clients.

For these reasons, we want to increase the representation of women in general and in particular in senior roles, and have been taking the measures listed below to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Our commitment to the charter

  • As of 30 September 2019, we have 17% female representation in senior management;
  • We have set a target of 30% of senior positions to be held by female employees by the end of 2024;
  • Key responsible executives, accountable for gender diversity and inclusion will be promoting this initiative;
  • We will be publishing our progress regularly in future;
  • Our senior executive team will have a goal linked to gender diversity.

Our action plan

  • This year we launched ‘building & retaining female talent’ focus groups for female employees to suggest measures that will have an impact and further engage Natixis’ senior women;
  • We will continue to offer ‘inclusive recruitment’ training for our hiring managers;
  • We will continue to promote and encourage take-up of agile/flexible working across London Branch;
  • We have recently increased our maternity leave benefit to 26 weeks at full pay and our paternity leave benefit is currently under review. We have increased our focus on shared parental leave;
  • Continued support and encouragement of the great work done by the Women in Natixis Network (WiNN); including of events organised and initiatives suggested and introduced;
  • Participate in and support market initiatives such as “100 Women in Finance” & the 30% Club cross-company mentoring programme.

This commitment to the charter is a company-wide initiative and our Executive Committee have worked closely with HR and the Women in Natixis Network. It is up to each and every one of us to support a balanced and diverse team at Natixis.

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