How can fintechs reshape the future of finance through blockchain-enabled innovation?

Fintech companies are using blockchain technology to revolutionize the finance industry. By leveraging the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain, they can offer innovative financial products and services that were previously not possible.

Fintech companies can streamline financial transactions and reduce the risk of fraud using smart contracts and distributed ledgers. This not only makes financial processes more efficient, but also helps to increase trust among consumers and businesses.

Natixis CIB aims at identifying the new age of fintech, disruptive innovation and new market opportunities. In this respect, it organizes a startup challenge around future of finance in partnership with Hello Tomorrow. This challenge targets early-stage deep-tech startup with innovative technologies or solutions looking for clients, as well as fintech scaleup with established solutions looking to accelerate their growth. Candidates have until 31 January to apply.

The three finalists will benefit from a one-year coaching with Groupe BPCE and will be invited to participate in key related events organized by Groupe BPCE. They will have a full access pass to the Global Summit organized by Hello Tomorrow on March 9th and 10th, at the occasion of which the winner will, in addition, receive a Grand Prize of €30,000.

Applicants will be evaluated on four main criteria: How disruptive is the innovation? Does it have a positive impact and provide a clear and differentiated value proposition? How large is its market potential? Does the team have a wide range of technical and business skills, as well as experience?

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For the first year, Natixis CIB is a Worldwide Partner of Hello Tomorrow, whose aim is to build and orchestrate a wide deep tech network and help startups and corporations bring new solutions from lab to market.

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