Environment: Let’s give the floor to our clients

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week, Elizabeth Salini, Corporate Social Responsibility Director at WeBuild, shares her feedback on how Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking supports them in their environmental transition.

For this global player in the construction of infrastructures, the challenges related to the climate transition are significant. In this podcast, Elisabeth Salini tells us more on the core transformations her company is facing, such as urbanization, population growth, climate change and resources scarcity, and how WeBuild conducts its climate transition roadmap to address such changing needs.

She also explains how Natixis CIB contributed, on one hand, to align their financing with their sustainability strategy, and on the other hand, to advise the group to define and calibrate ambitious KPI and timelines, while launching parallelly their inaugural sustainability linked bond, which is tied up to a carbon intensity reduction target of at least 50% by 2025.

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