Natixis helps its clients on a daily basis with short-, medium- and long term placement solutions from vanilla to alternative, to meet their risk return and diversification objectives.

Rates, forex, credit and treasury
market placements

Natixis offers a broad range of short- and long-term products in the rates, forex and credit markets to help its clients optimize their portfolios and liquidity management. Drawing on the highly technical skills of our financial engineering teams, we develop customized solutions based on diverse underlyings including rates, forex, inflation, commodities and credit, in a variety of formats such as EMTNs, BMTNs, structured deposits, stand-alone bonds and Schuldschein. 

We help clients maximize returns on cash holdings, offering both customized products and a suite of standard products such as term deposits, certificates of deposit, euro commercial paper and Singapore certificates of deposit.

Financial engineering on equity markets

Our equity derivatives teams create tailor-made solutions, providing integrated products and services based on eight pillars:

Equity investment solutions  |  Equity finance  |  Algorithmic indices  |  Legal structuring and regulatory solutions  |  Fund solutions  |  Hybrid products  |  Alternative risk transfer activities  |  Marketing

Digital technology is central to our activity. We offer MOOC (massive open online courses) training platforms to help bank distribution networks enhance their sales performances for equity-linked financial products. We also provide: 

A private bank with a
real-time pricing tool

A portfolio
management tool

A comprehensive range
of innovative indices

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all our offers and products.


Through our dedicated infrastructure debt platform, we provide integrated financing solutions to our project sponsor and borrower clients.

We also facilitate investor access to the asset class, offering co-lending with Natixis and servicing on Natixis-structured loans. The platform has an investment capacity of over €6 billion, and we continue to add new investors so as to provide project sponsors with diversified and competitive financing solutions in all currencies. These partnerships were also extended to aviation assets.


Through the financial engineering expertise of our equity finance teams, we offer clients a wide range of financing and investment solutions on the equity markets. These strategies can be simple or complex, ranging from equity lending/borrowing and repo transactions to Delta One derivatives, and provide clients with diverse performance generators such as indexing, hedging and synthetic prime brokerage tools.