Green & Sustainable Assets Conference 2019


Natixis will host its annual Conference on June 14th in Paris at la Chesnaie du Roy. This event will welcome all types of stakeholders: issuers & borrowers, investors, ESG and credit agencies, academics, NGOs and regulators.

New Frontiers

Unchartered territories will be explored: be it from an asset class diversification perspective (short-term financing or green securitization), sectors (high emitting industries) or impact methodologies (geo-spatial criteria).

Taking stock of the emergency

A scientific keynote in tandem will address the nexus of climate change and biodiversity loss and recall how needed it is to act boldly now.

A rich offer of workshops

Besides the few plenary sessions, a morning and afternoon sessions of workshops will be proposed under three formats – Innovation, Debating, Expertise – for a total of 9 different topics, led by more than 50 top-tier experts and practitioners.

Interaction & new formats

As innovative concepts are likely to emerge through new and lively formats, this conference will be content-driven with active participation from invitees. For example, the traditional form of British Debating will be revisited, with participants divided into sub-groups with an assigned position – Yes or No – to develop their arguments on 3 hot topics, for which there is no “obvious truth”.

Taxonomy/Green Weighting Factor

Feedback on Natixis’ Green Weighting Factor implementation will be provided, this unprecedented tool being underpinned by an in-house green/brown taxonomy,


Furthermore, the conference will also provide opportunities for one-on-one investor meetings.

François Riahi, CEO, and Marc Vincent, Global Head of Corporate Investment Banking, will share their vision and strategy to reaffirm Natixis’ position as a leader in sustainable finance which was ranked Most innovative investment bank for Climate Change and Sustainability by the Banker in 2018.

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