Territorial Hydrogen Days in Rouen

Caisse d'Epargne Normandie and Natixis CIB organized a round table on the topic "Low-carbon hydrogen: what place for the territorial model in the face of the development of major international projects?" as part of the Territorial Hydrogen Days in Rouen (July 5/6/7). This event gathered sectoral experts from Engie, GrtGaz, Hyvia and Gset and was moderated by our specialists, Christophe Descos, member of the management board in charge of major clients at the Caisse d'Epargne Normandie, Antoine Trieux, managing director infrastructure and energy at Natixis CIB and Ivan Pavlovic, executive director, specialist in energy transition at Natixis CIB.

The various speakers stressed the strong window of political opportunity the hydrogen sector enjoys in Europe to accelerate its development, this in face of mounting risks of energy security and affordability.

They also agreed on the complementarity between projects of local reach and those, export-based, of GW scale to tackle key sectoral challenges, namely dissemination of hydrogen uses in industry and transport - which largely remains to be built - and generation of scale effects likely to underpin cost reductions along the value chain.

Finally, taking the various angles of hydrogen production, transport and potential end-uses in mobility, they underlined the importance of the regulatory framework currently emerging at the European Union from the twofold perspective of building sustainable demand for renewable hydrogen, but also of bringing out systemic and cost-efficient decarbonization avenues for SMEs, large industrial companies and industrials. 

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