Success for Green Bonds conference

Natixis held its annual green bonds conference for the third year in a row. The event was organized by the Global Markets Research SRI team and welcomed almost 150 issuer and investor clients. The conference was an opportunity for a presentation of the SRI teams latest research report on this market.


Round table discussions then addressed two key areas for the markets growth and shift in scale standardization and role of governments with the intervention of key participants, EIB, Luxembourg stock market, ICMA/Green bond principles, and also Climate Bond Initiative, French Banking Federation, I4CE and French Treasury. These round tables were followed by three workshops, which were more technical in nature and focused on more operational matters:


1/ how can the market be diversified (towards what type of issuers, into more geographical areas, or more types of projects, including social-based projects);

2/ how can market players find their way around the wide range of services on offer from certifying bodies that monitor, rate and work alongside issuers and/or issues;

3/ the more detailed area of measuring the amount of CO2 emissions reduced in various projects, and the questions and methodological challenges this presents.

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