Solving Sustainable Development Goals Rubik’s Cube

Natixis Green & Sustainable Hub’s Center of Expertise has published its first flagship report, entitled 

“Solving the Sustainable Development Goals Rubik’s Cube
– An impact-based toolkit for issuers and investors”

The report is aimed at multiple audiences, notably issuers and investors.

It is designed as a “Swiss Army knife” to help them to assess their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and to identify, prioritize and improve their SDG footprint in their corporate strategy and portfolio management. A key challenge such parties face is measuring their actual, evidence-based SDG contributions be it at organization / company or project levels. Natixis aims through this report to contribute to the effort to address such methodological challenges. Fed by existing initiatives and tools, and by a dedicated investor survey (42 investors representing 14 trillion dollars of assets under management) our approach is asset class agnostic. It can be used as template for impact reporting, as a “tips box” to help companies identify, prioritize and improve their SDG footprint, as an outline for designing SDG bonds or loans framework, or as a canvas to design fixed-income and equity investment solutions. This report acts as a call to action and integrity, taking into account that collectively, companies, banks, ESG agencies and governments are not yet delivering the necessary actions or developing the necessary tools to achieve the 2030 Agenda. 

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