Refurbishment gives unwanted electronic devices new lease of life

At the heart of the climate transition, the reconditioning of electronics offers an ecological and ethical alternative to the traditional linear economic model by proposing a circular economic model based on the fight against waste, with recycling and reuse.

While democratising access to technological progress, it contributes, along with other approaches such as eco-design and digital sobriety, to the fight against the negative effects of digital technology on the planet.

Despite the growing success driven by increasingly responsible consumers who are also keen to save money, the sector faces many challenges, such as the procurement of devices, optimal logistics, implementation of guarantees and certification solutions, enhanced customer experience and profitability issues.

In her latest report, Micaella Feldstein, Tech & Data specialist, takes stock of the potential of this rapidly growing sector and the challenges the various players must overcome for it to fully play its part in the transition to a more responsible economy.

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