Natixis joins the Euronext FamilyShare program

Natixis is further extending its efforts to support companies by joining the Euronext FamilyShare program for family-owned businesses, and as part of this move, Natixis Equity Capital Markets will therefore sit on the next jury responsible for selecting candidates, which will take place in early July.

This tailored program is devoted to executives, shareholders and members of family-owned companies, and is aimed at providing greater insight into financing opportunities available on the financial markets as well as the issues involved in a potential IPO in the medium term. The program lasts 6 to 12 months and includes five sessions on four key themes:

  • taking an independence approach and preparing for transmission
  • combining financial reporting with family reputation
  • the stockmarket as a long-term solution
  • embarking on a new stage in developing the company and financing growth

Natixis Equity Capital Markets uses its expertise and know-how to support companies and assist them in their growth and financing strategy.


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