Natixis Arranger and Coordinator of the BPCE Group for the financing of ultrafast broadband in two French departments!

The exchanges that began in early 2019 to position Natixis as an arranger, coordinator of the BPCE Group's response and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) coordinator have recently come to fruition. This could enable these two projects to be labelled "social loans", in line with market practices and the social objectives of the projects.

"In line with previous projects in the ultrafast broadband sector, the excellent collaboration of the various teams has made it possible to combine all of the BPCE group's know-how", says Nicolas Bourgouin, Head of Infrastructure & Energy Finance France at Natixis.

Nicolas Bourgouin - Head of Infrastructure & Energy Finance France

Sylvie Le Bihan - Vice-President, Infrastructure & Energy Finance

Albin de Sainte Foy - Director, Infrastructure & Energy Finance  

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