Innovation at the heart of TTS Cash management’s strategy

With the launch of Instant Payment, MyTrackedTransfer and SEPAmail Diamond, Trade & Treasury Solutions (TTS) marches on with innovation and continues to transform the cash management business to better serve its clients.


Seamless transactions in just a few seconds with Instant Payment 

Instant Payment allows for the completion of account-to-account payments within 10 seconds. With the disappearance of cut-offs and funds made instantly available to the beneficiary, the growing presence of eligible banks in the SEPA area confirms that this innovation will revolutionize the payment landscape.

For our clients, there are very different use cases i.e. urgent transfers, merchandise delivery against payment, pay-out for an insurance claim, etc.

The regulatory threshold for Instant Payments is currently limited to €15,000 in France, but this ceiling should be raised by the end of 2019.


My Tracked Transfer provides real-time tracking service for international payments

After the launch of My Tracked Transfer in December 2018, Natixis is successfully continuing to roll out its international payment real-time tracking service.

With more than 400 participating international banks, this digital international transaction tracking service, which relies on SWIFT GPI technology, enables our clients to track their international payments in real time and optimize treasury management. My Tracked Transfer provides enhanced payment tracking using a unique identification number generated by Natixis as issuing bank for each transaction and manages all payment orders received from our clients regardless of the channel they use.

"My Tracked Transfer enables our clients to optimize their treasury management, providing payment transparency and security right from issue to receipt. This innovation is part of Natixis’ broader strategy to modernize international payments" notes Anne-Cécile Delas, Global Head of Trade & Treasury Solutions at Corporate & Investment Banking.

SEPAmail Diamond offers an innovative and fully secure solution to combat bank detail fraud

Seven companies out of ten in France were subject to attempted fraud in 2018.

SEPAmail Diamond is a service aimed at securing clients’ and suppliers’ bank details. This simple, automatic and electronic solution does not require any IT development and effectively protects against fraud. SEPAmail Diamond addresses our clients’ growing needs in this area, particularly those who have been subject to bank detail fraud, and covers around 98% of French bank accounts.

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