Infrastructure Day

Tuesday October 8, 2019 | Paris

Natixis launched its 1st Infrastructure Day back in 2012. Our goal at the time was to increase investors’ awareness of what we believed was a specific asset class in its own right.

Over the years, Natixis’ Infrastructure Day has become a major annual event for infrastructure debt investors with more than 200 investors and sponsors attending.

What we are observing is that investors currently have significant amounts of liquidity to deploy while investment opportunities remain scarce.

This is why we have decided to focus this 8th Infrastructure Day on investment opportunities led by the transformation of the sector: development of 5G, transition towards a zero-carbon economy, grid parity takes renewables to new frontier, new debt structures, etc.).

The Natixis Infrastructure Day takes place during Infraweek, a series of events coordinated by Paris Europlace aimed at demonstrating the expertise and know-how of French institutions in infrastructure financing.