Discover the Tech & Data videos series by Natixis CIB Research

At the core of the corporate digitization process, one technology underpins all the others: cloud.

Natixis has as a priority to accompany and support best their clients to digitalization.

This videos series aims to deliver a wide vision about the challenges, the sector state in Europe, the big actors which fiercely struggle in that market.

After watching the introducing episode video by Jean-François Robin, Global Head of CIB Research, learn more with Micaella Feldstein & Eric Benoist, tech & data analysts at Natixis CIB Research.

All the latest reports from our Tech & Data analysts are available on the Natixis CIB Research website (under subscription)



EP1. Cloud adoption drivers and use cases

Why has the data to be center in every entreprises’ strategy now? The answer is in EP1.

EP2. Penetration status of cloud technology in Europe

How is Europe going? Well, cloud penetration is accelerating, but it is far from complete…Discover the obstacles to overcome in that episode.

EP3. Gaia-X, Europe and the Third Way

What is Gaia-X exactly? How can that new European initiative accelerate cloud penetration? You will know at the end of the EP3.

EP4. Infrastructure opportunities - Data Centres. Semiconductors & Fibre

Strategic opportunities are emerging, like larger and greener data centers. Learn more with this episode.

EP5. Big Tech vs Telcos - the race to the edge

The market is a ring where big tech companies like GAFAM and traditional telecom companies are fighting each other mercilessly. Discover the big actors and their challenges.


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