Deep tech experience sharing between peers

In this first edition held at 3 Mazarium in Paris, let’s Explore Tech together!

Hosted by committed partners from Groupe BPCE and Boston Consulting Group, and in the presence of renowned experts in the field, this event will be a unique opportunity to connect with peers, experts from tech and financial industries and discuss about major deep tech trends and raising opportunities.

Did you know that 78% of companies have maintained or accelerated their investments in deep tech in response to COVID-19? Or that 47% of European companies that follow Deep Tech trends have no business applications yet?

A positive transition through technology

It is not too late to listen experts on how digital impacts our life.


Leaders from the Silicon Valley and from the French Government will share their vision of the French Tech.

Partnering clients from various sectors will take the floor in panels related to the current megatrends: energy, mobility, real estate, consumer goods, healthcare, insurance.

Big Business Digs into Deep Tech

Natixis CIB and the Boston Consulting Group have joined forces to conduct a unique survey on how European corporations engage with and invest in deep tech. By analysing more than 280 respondents, we came to the following conclusions:

Deep tech is a wave that companies do not want to miss: the Covid-19 crisis acted as a catalyst as 78% have maintained or accelerated their investments since the pandemic. Technologies also appear critical to meet climate goals.

Direct investment as well as indirect investment through CVCs and independent venture capital funds are expected to rise.

AI, Blockchain and AR/VR technologies appear as the most relevant disruptors in the coming years: technology maturity and industry specificities drive the adoption.

Implementing a digital transformation requires investing in people and partnerships at the same time.

Beyond cryptocurrencies, corporations show a growing interest for real asset and security tokens.

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Deep tech is the term used to describe new companies, start-ups and disruptive companies that rely on highly innovative technologies. The most popular areas for focus in 2021 have included artificial intelligence, the blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and tokenization.

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