Is green in the pipeline? Sensing gas’ potential contribution to climate change mitigation

Natixis Research highlights the role of natural gas and related assets as an indispensable link in the journey towards carbon neutrality.


Sensing the path to large-scale deployment

In this report, we explore this nascent industry, highlighting:

  • The cases where uses of the molecule in its low-carbon forms (green hydrogen produced through low-carbon electrolysis and blue hydrogen produced through CCS-equipped steam methane reforming) can have a meaningful contribution to climate change mitigation;
  • The hurdles that need to be overcome for the molecule and its end-uses to find large-scale deployment and
  • The presently-emerging avenues followed to spark a virtuous cycle of increased demand and lower costs all along the value chain.

By Ivan Pavloviv

Waste & Circular Economy: Deciphering green & sustainable challenges and opportunities of waste management

In order to decipher the sustainability challenges and opportunities of the fragmented and manifold waste management landscape, this report has a triple purpose:

  1. Understanding the importance of waste management in the ongoing shift to circular economy
  2. Making sense of the main types of waste in terms of their source, composition and management options
  3. Highlighting which currently available financial instruments and market practices are relevant for financing sustainable waste management 

By Radek Jan



OUTLOOK 2021: a return to (ab)normality

  • Macro & Market Outlook 
  • Thematic roundtables about Smart Cities, Hydrogen and Green Bonds
  •  Digital library to discover CIB publications and videos

1st 2021 Green Bonds Review

Webinar - Tuesday 19th January 2021

What to expect for Green & Sustainable Bonds in 2021? 

  • The impacts of the EU Taxonomy on green bond issuance volumes, issuers’ strategies and investors’ expectations
  • Projected evolution of different issuance formats (green, social, sustainability, sustainability-linked)
  • Expectations of euro-denominated green bond supply in 2021 by sector
  • Differences in pricing between green and conventional bonds in the primary market
  • Greenium as a measure of green bond attractiveness in the secondary market

Global Oil & Natural Gas Outlook 2021

Thursday 4th February, 2021

Negociating peak-shale supply and decarbonisation in a post-pandemic world:

The outlook for oil and natural gas markets and the high yield energy sector

Key issues to focus on in 2021 and beyond
by APAC Research

Friday 5th February 2021

with Alicia Garcia Herrero, Chief economist, Asia-Pacific, Natixis 

La logistique urbaine :
enjeux, contraintes, effet de mode ou durable?

Table ronde - Mardi 9 mars 2021 de 14h à 15h - Session en français


Manuel Davy, fondateur et président de Vekia

Delphine Janicot, directrice marketing, communication & commerciale d'Urby - groupe La Poste

Marie Le Vern, directrice RSE, communication & relations publiques de Sogaris

Constance Maréchal-Dereu, directrice générale de France Logistique

Based around the world, Natixis CIB Research provides original, fundamental insights and analysis to inform  clients’ investment and hedging decisions across all asset classes and produce marketing research with an integrated view of markets to better understand economic trends.

Jean-François Robin, Global Head of CIB Research

image jean francois robin

OUTLOOK 2021: a return to (ab)normality

"More than ever, 2020 has confirmed that what we know, is that we know nothing. Nevertheless, it is essential to analyse the facts objectively. We present our macroeconomic and financial scenarios and discuss structural topics for the coming years: energy transition with a focus on the major players in hydrogen, and “smart cities” being called upon to change drastically and no doubt for the better."

Jean-François Robin, Global Head of CIB Research



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Euro area outlook - It will get worse before it gets better again


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Asia 2021 outlook - Fast technical rebound but with lingering financial and geopolitical risks


A silver lining for aging Asia - Not much for growth but certainly for some sectors


Research Publications

‘Silver surfers’ ride retail wave into commodity markets.

At first glance, there is no common ground between the Fed and the cohort of retail investors who have undertaken a short squeeze on the GameStop share.

Supply Constraints Hold Back Manufacturing

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