Global Trade

We provide corporate, commodities and financial institution clients with solutions to secure and finance their businesses, as well as high-quality cash management to support their business development in France and internationally.


Our experts provide corporates and financial institutions with value-added and innovative solutions to secure and develop their import, export and commercial activity worldwide, as we support and finance our clients' commercial development in a sustainable manner.


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A solution to follow your import & export documentory credit activity

Follow in real time the status of your import or export documentary credit transaction


9 June 2022
in Paris

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Structured Export Finance

Structured Export Finance

We provide international financing on large export contracts benefiting from the support of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) or Multilaterals.

Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain solutions

We arrange working capital optimization solutions, including receivable and payable finance, meeting the requirements of both suppliers and buyers.

Bank Trade Solutions

Bank Trade Solutions

Our teams provide extensive letters of credit confirmation capacities in emerging and developed markets, supported by a wide global network to support our clients in their trade development in non-OECD countries.

Treasury Solutions

Treasury Solutions

We offer a wide range of products and services to ensure payments and collections in all currencies worldwide, in addition to reporting services to facilitate transaction reconciliation and security solutions to address fraud risks.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Our extensive correspondent banking network supports our clients, as well as Groupe BPCE and its banking partners worldwide, through every stage of their international transaction processing. This includes centralizing payments to and from Europe, optimizing international payment circuits, facilitating payments in euros to Africa, arranging automated payments in renminbi from Africa to China, and converting payments into local currencies.

Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

We provide corporate clients with multi-bank digital pooling solutions for clients’ account statements in France and abroad, as well as automated multi-bank liquidity solutions.

Commodity Trade Finance

Commodity Trade Finance

We provide solutions to finance commodities purchases, transportation, storage and resale to industrial companies, through short-term transactional facilities (letter of credit, standby letter of credit, guarantees, etc.), as well as longer structured and syndicated facilities, such as revolving credit and borrowing base facilities.

Commodity Corportate


Commodity Corporate & Structured Finance

We offer solutions in the energy, metals and soft commodities sectors to finance commodities purchases, transportation, storage and resale to industrial companies, through short-term transactional facilities.

Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales

We assist corporates in securing and financing their international contracts.